This page is intended to provide information about how the response to the COVID-19 virus affects our industry. CAWG will periodically update this website, but as developments are unfolding quickly, we urge everyone to rely on a variety of sources to get the most current information for your area.

Below are links to information about best practices and local, state and federal programs and requirements.  Please keep in mind that as we all navigate the various formal policies in response to COVID-19, things may be confusing and seemingly contradicting.  Local, state and federal agencies will continue to amend and alter their policies relative to COVID-19 over the next several weeks.

Please feel free to call on CAWG staff if you have questions or need additional information.

CAWG COVID-19 News Alerts

July 1        - 19 Counties Must Close Indoor Operations
June 29    - New PPE Supply
June 23    - Attorney General Examination of Ag Workplaces
June 18    - Guidance for use of Face Covering
May 6       - Workers Comp + EIDL for Ag
April 20    - CDFA Updates
April 17    - Supplemental Paid Sick Leave - Food Sector
April 6      - Guidance for Ag + PPE Vendors
April 3      - Payroll Protection Program + Worksite Checklist in Spanish
April 1      - Shelter in Place Update
April 1      - Ag Worksite Checklist
March 27 - Helping your essential workforce on the road
March 27 - Potential relief for small business operations
March 26 - Extended use of N95 masks
March 25 - Immediate and critical supply chain needs
March 23 - Agribusiness law resource
March 20 - COVID-19 update
March 17 - COVID-19 update

   · COVID-19 Harvest Protocols Webinar - RECORDING  / PDF  / WORKBOOK: ENGLISH & SPANISH  /   FAQ
   · Workers Compensation Executive Order - Posted 5/6
                       · Workers Comp Q&A
   · Safe Workplace for Ag Employees - Documents and Guidance
   · WEBINAR Recordings: COVID-19 · Labor and Employment Law Review
                                           COVID-19 · Legislation and Relief
                                           COVID-19 · Back to Business Checklist  
   · Paycheck Protection Program
                      · PPP Loan Forgiveness, Prepared by Cornerstone Government Affairs - Updated 6/12

CDC Guidance on Extended Use of Disposable N95 Masks
   · COVID-19 Employment Law & Agriculture Business Document (Produced by Fisher Phillips for CAWG Members)

   · Helping your Essential Workforce on the Road

Fisher Phillips, LLP Resources
CDC And Labor Department Issue Interim COVID-19 Guidance For Agriculture Employers

· Back to Business Checklist

   · Supplemental Paid Sick Leave - Food Sector Workers
   · Guidance On Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Effective As Of April 1
   · FAQs for Employers on COVID-19

Employee Authorization Card
So, that workers may continue to travel to work unimpeded, CAWG advises agricultural employers to provide workers an authorization card that identifies the person as employed in an agricultural operation. Below is a sample for your consideration:

(Employee’s name) is employed by (Company name) which is part of the agricultural sector. Governor Newsom’s stay at home order states that work in critical infrastructure sectors (including ag) must continue and (employee’s name) is allowed to work. Please feel free to call (phone number) to verify employment.

CalOSHA Guidance Documents & Video

  • COVID-19 Daily Checklist for Agricultural Employers – Posted May 8, 2020
    English | Español

CDC Resources
Agricultural Employer Checklist for Creating a COVID-19 Assessment and Control Plan - NEW!
CDCCOVID-19 guidance for the agricultural industry.

The Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety has prepared the following resources:

      ·         Screening workers
·         What to do if a worker is sick
·         Disinfection
·         PPE and respirators.

CDFA Resources for Food & Agriculture
An array of updates, Federal and State Financial Assistance resources, worker safety guidance and more...

Additional Resources:

Nothing on this webpage is intended to provide legal advice.  Please contact your attorney or human resources professional for advice relative to any specific situation.