2016 Election Analysis

CAWG's Federal lobbyist, Cornerstone Government Affairs has put together a 2016 election analysis. It provides a comprehensive initial overview of the election outcome and it’s meaning in terms of congressional leadership and the agenda of President-elect Donald Trump.

The election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities in the House and Senate will surely have a significant and potentially lasting impact on the nation's politics and policies. Defining that impact exactly is challenging in the immediate hours after the election, and will likely take many weeks to be realized.  But in order to begin a dialogue about the initial implications of the 2016 elections, Cornerstone Government Affairs has assembled the following report. We understand that information in this report may quickly become dated, and this may have an effect on the validity of some of our forecasts. We offer this report look with us to see the challenges and opportunities that you may face in the months and years ahead.